Living in my office

Since I still don’t have a house (my new house is reserved but I don’t have the key) I’m living in the office.  It was once an apartment, converted to an office, therefore it is comfortable but of course not ideal.
The office faces on the main square of the town, just in front of the church.
Actually the church is imposing: one of the old typical churches with two bell towers, a big gate and  huge windows, we could call it a Cathedral. It is amazing how the communist authorities in about 40 years didn’t notice it, and pretended not to even see it, so they simply forget to put any picture in the touristic brochure of the town Chrudim and didn’t make any reference to it in the booklet !
The Cathedral has two bells, one of which sounds every 15 minutes and the second one sounds at every hour: 1 time at 1 o clock, two times at two and so on. Also during  the night!.
The sound isn’t very harmonious, it sounds like a broken pipe. I think if we will succeed in our business we should buy one of those beautiful bells in Italy to make a present to the town of Chrudim.
The temperature is high now in summer, so I left the windows open, but the sound of the bells sometime wake me up when it is still dark.
At five o’ clock in the morning the life starts!. My office is over the post-office. At 5 the people of the post-office starts working (also on saturday) and I can hear the strokes of the stamps and the people calling each other. On the square trucks  arrive around 5 and the sellers start putting the table for the flowers and vegetables market of the saturday. Clients are already in a queue waiting to buy something. At 11 the market is over, there are only few last table.
It is incredible, the people here are not in the stressing urgency typical of the italian or american cities, but still very early in the morning they are outside working.
This is the time for wedding, so about 11, arrive the cars, the brides in sumptuous white dresses. They go to the town hall and after half an hour they come out. All together they walk to the front of the Cathedral for the ritual pictures. As far as I know, many of the people are catholic here, but I have never see, a wedding in the Cathedral, maybe they go to a small church outside the town. I have to ask it.
At 12 everything is quiet. There are only a few tourists walking around. Also the cars are not parked on the street. There is only the chatting of the people in the restaurants or cafe , drinking a beer. The week-end in the city is very quiet.