The Deposit


The realtor has finally received the deposit I wired for the house and has taken it off the market.  In a certain sense it is ours!  I don’t have the key yet and therefore I can’t enter it for the moment.  Perhaps by the end of next week we will close.  As soon as I have the key I will take pictures to send you of what it looks like inside and out.
Yesterday I went to look for a car.  I found one discretely used for around 5000 dollars, as soon as I conclude with the house, I will negotiate the purchase of a car.  Wow, there is never enough money.
Yesterday it rained and cooled down a little, but today it is sunny.  Hopefully it won’t get too hot, for I would like to borrow a bike and ride out to the house again just to look around.  The house actually is in a village called Orel.  The town of Chrudim has almost grown out to Orel.  The road to Orel is a small two lane road that passes through the woods along the river Chrudimka.  On Saturday many people of the town come to the river for a picnic and to splash in the water with their children.  The water is very clear and seems clean.  There is a national park just outside of Chrudim where the river begins in the mountains.  After I see the house, I might ride on to Slatinany, a town near by, which is supposed to be quite pretty. 
The other day something happened to me that now looking back on it is quite funny but at the time was tragic.  As you know I’m living in our office while I wait to enter our house.  As I have said it is quite comfortable, except for one thing.  There is only one bathroom for the three offices on our floor and it is in the hall outside the door.  The other night at 5 in the morning I got up to go to the bathroom, I went out into the hall, but I forgot that the door was one of those that lock automatically when closed.  So I found myself at 5 in the morning, in my underwear, locked out of the office, in the hall and without the key to re-enter.  You can imagine the situation.  I had no telephone or means to call anyone to help me.  At any moment people could arrive for work or worse the children could start to be dropped off at the day care center in the building, all to find me on the stairs in that condition!  I was terrified and didn’t know what to do!  Fortunately I discovered that I had left the window open to our storeroom because it was so hot that night.  I decided that if I crawled out of the window in the hall and walked along the ledge of the building I could slip in though the window and return the office (The office is on the  third floor).  Naturally the risk was that someone would see me climbing along the ledge and entering into my office from the street and think I was a thief and call the police or I could tumble to my death from the ledge.  What a mess, but I thought that it would be less of a risk than remaining in the hall until the other workers started to arrive. So I decided that I had no more time to waste.  I had to move quickly!  Fortunately it wasn’t too difficult….and I arrived back in my office without being discovered.  Now every time that I leave the office for any reason, I control that I have the key and more important than anything that I am wearing at least my pants.  Hopefully by next week I will have a real home.
Next Saturday there is planned a balloon festival in Chrudim.  The balloonist will start their flight at the airport and fly over the old city.  There are other activities planned as well, but I am not sure what they might be.  I will try to take some pictures.