Dreams all dreams


Yesterday, Remo and I accomplished a great deal of things and talked of much more.  When I talk with Remo my problems seem to become magically marginal and everything takes a turn for the better.  If one was to listen to our conversation one would think that in a couple of weeks our company would be as large as Microsoft and Bill Gate would drop by any day to see us in Chrudim which naturally would become the center of the world.
All kidding aside, effectively there is much work to do, but also there is many possibilities to do good.  It is not just for the money, but  also to see if we could do something important in this world.  Not so much the goal but the road we travel.  The eyeglass frames are only the starting point, but after this, we could open laboratories for cutting lenses.  Or we could continue to develop the technology for coloring titanium.  Then when the company has a little money we could start investing in a new venture, such as reconstruction of historic buildings.  If the idea of reconstruction developed, we could have a studio of architectural development.  Or we could promote tourism by organizing tours of Bohemia………. Atlas, dreams all dreams for the moment…….One thing for sure there are many opportunities in the Czech Republic.