The first night in Orel


I have just returned to the office after the first night in Orel!  A lovely ride by bike in the early hours of the morning.  Fortunately the air was fresh and the road was mostly level, it wasn’t too difficult to travel the 2 miles into town.  Tomorrow I am going out to buy a car, but while the weather is nice I may continue to ride a bike.  It’s good for my health and fun too.  Although it is a narrow two lane road, at seven in the morning there is not a lot of traffic, therefore not too dangerous.
It’s not too bad at Orel.  Actually it’s quite nice to wake up in the morning and be able to take a nice hot tranquil shower and make a good Italian coffee.  One of the first things I did yesterday was learn how to turn on the hot water heater.
Last night I went to bed early, the sun started to set around 9:30, without a TV or a telephone line for my computer, and a single light bulb burning from a wire extending from the ceiling, I had little else to do.  I had worked a little to mount that light on the ceiling and I swept the floor.  All in all the house is not in bad shape.  Nothing that a coat of fresh paint won’t cure.  I started to measure the rooms and calculate the number of tiles for the floor.   The floor is cement, level and smooth so it shouldn’t be too difficult to install the tiles myself.  I tiled my bathroom once in Milan, the result was quite acceptable.  After I give the walls a coat of paint, I thought I would start on the floor in the back bedrooms and progress to the living room.  That way perhaps my work will improve as I go along.  The bedrooms are about 25 meters square.  There is not a large selection of tiles here like you would find at Lowes.  There is however a large ceramic tile which would be quite appropriate for the house.  It is a tile that might have been used at the time the house was built.  Judging from the photo of 1808 the house most likely had a wooden parquet floor.   The elaborate facade of the house indicates that a family with some wealth owned the house.  
In the evening along the street in front of the house in Orel, lamps are lit, and without curtains the light streams through the windows and into the living room where I have set up my temporary quarters.  I chose the living room so that I can start work in the other rooms.  There isn’t much traffic on the street, the noise is somewhat limited.  The walls of the house are quite thick, nearly one meter in width and the windows of the house are doubled-pane, so inside is insulated not only against the cold and heat but also the noise.  Around midnight the street lights are turned off so even without curtains the light doesn’t disturb my sleep.  I made a mental note however to carry a flash light in my car in case I arrive home after midnight until I can install some lights on the exterior of the house.
Saturday, before coming to live at Orel, I bought a microwave oven, a plastic table and chairs which we can use outside on the lawn once our furniture arrives.  I also bought paint for the walls and brushes.  Today I need to go to see about having a phone put in the house.  I would like to buy a refrigerator and a washing machine for the clothes.  Actually there is much to do today, the first is to pick up the documents for the new partnership and the application for my visa.  I hope that the first part of the bureaucratic process is completed, and the second part will go much smoother than the first.