Who’s on first?

 I should tell you of my experience the other day at the office of finance.  It was right out of the pages of a Charlie Chaplain comedy skit:

David, the salesman, had forgotten his cell phone.  The batteries in the cell phone of Remo, my partner, were dead.  Remo had Anna’s phone but didn’t know how to use it.  Anna was at work so therefore couldn’t instruct him as to how it worked.  I didn’t have the number for Honza, Anna’s brother.  The office telephone for some reason wasn’t working either.  Remo had forgotten his address book at the office and didn’t have the number to my cell phone. 
The morning started off with Anna who told Remo that David, her son, had told her that David and I were going to the airport to arrange for an airplane ride.   Remo and I had talked the night before regarding us meeting at the office of finance so thought she was mistaken.  Remo tried to call David on his cell phone but as I said before, he had left it behind at home.  Not being able to reach us, Remo decided he would take the time to go with Honza to buy some building material for constructing a wall at Remo’s house since he thought I had run off to the airport with David.  I on the other hand was at the office waiting for Remo to arrived.  Since I discovered the telephone in the office wasn’t functioning, I sent Remo a message SMS, but obviously he never received it.  When he finally returned home and checked his messages, he called me and we made an appointment to meet with Honza at the office of finance to apply for a certificate of finance for the partnership papers.  I went to the office of finance at the said hour, but couldn’t find Remo or Honza, so I began to wait in front of the office.  After almost an hour I saw Remo who was inside the office of finance looking quite agitated.  When I entered he proceeded to tell me that he had been waiting for me for almost an hour and couldn’t understand where I had been.  So I told him that I had been waiting for him right there in front of the door but did not see him either.  Honza on the other hand had not yet arrived.  Remo had finished his part of the application and decided to return to the office.  Meanwhile I stayed to wait for Honza.  Another hour had passed and Honza still had not arrived.  At that point I called David who had evidently returned home to retrieve his cell phone.  I asked him to call Honza, his uncle, to find out where he was,  he discovered that Honza had went to the office of commerce instead of finance and since he didn’t find us, after awhile had returned home to drink a beer!  I returned to the office.
Finally, after some time Honza and l found ourselves in front of the office of finance.  We asked the clerk at the counter for an application for a certificate of finance, but she countered with a question of what kind of certificate did we need.  Naturally there are different ones for different needs.  We couldn’t get her to understand us as to what we needed.  She finally said that if we didn’t know what kind of documents we needed then she couldn’t help us.  At that point I tried to call Remo on his cell phone so that he could explain to the clerk via telephone what exactly we needed, but he didn’t answer because his phone’s batteries were dead.  I tried to telephone David, but he had left the house again without his phone.   I only got a busy signal when I tried to call the office phone because it was out-of-order.  At that point Honza and I decided to go to the office of commerce for the business license and ask them what information they require for the certificate of finance.  By this time it was noon and I had an appointment with an attorney, who was to write a contract for the rental of our office space for our company.  So I asked Honza to return alone to the office of commerce for the business licence and I went to meet Remo at the office of the attorney.  I found Remo at the attorney’s office, we signed the papers that we needed and returned to the office of finance to get the documents that I needed there.  The clerk behind the desk said that it would take a week to process the paperwork.  This was a major setback since I need this document to close on the purchase of the house.  The clerk was an attractive young girl in a mini skirt.  Remo turned on the charm and amazingly talked the young lady into getting the work done in two days.  Unfortunately Honza was not so persuasive and now had to wait for his papers the full week. 
Remo and I went on to the office of commerce where we discovered that Honza had made an error on the application for the business license.  The lady at the office was kind enough to let us re-do the application and permitted us to take the application with us to be signed by Honza.  Since Remo needed to go to the bank for another document, he asked me to go to Honza’s house for him to sign the application and then meet him on the street in front of the bank.  I found Honza at home and had him sign the application and then drove back to the bank.  I waited in front of the bank but Remo did not appear.  I tried to call him again on his cell phone, but still it didn’t function.  I waited a little longer thinking that he may have gone into one of the office on the street but no Remo.  Finally I gave up and went back to the office.  I found Remo waiting for me at the office a little agitated because he said that I had left without waiting for him.   On the contrary, I told him that he was the one that didn’t wait for me.  As we talked we discovered that we both had walked the same street, I going to the bank, he leaving the back.  Our paths had crossed without each of us seeing the other.