Medolaal’s or Mc Donald’s


I don’t have a car at the moment so I had to ask Davide for help. He brought my bed and some things from the office to the house.
I have been going back and forth from the house to the office by bike every day. The journey is only about 2 miles and the road is quite flat, but I am not physically prepared for so much biking in the morning and in the evening!  Moreover, I don’t know the way very well, so the other day I tried a new road, which wasn’t flat at all, but went up and down. If you can imagine the torrid temperature of over 34 C in shade and humidity over 90%, you can imagine how I felt by the time I got home!
Finally it rained the other day. A real thunderstorm with lots of lightning. I was home, working on my computer and watching the thunderstorm outside, when I heard a bumping on the window. I was a little surprised because the window is on the courtyard inside the wall and I closed the gate when I came home.  Anyway there was a man standing at the window.  He was asking me something I could not understand. I opened the window and finally spoke to the man. Of course in Czech, and the man was a little drunk, not easy to understand. I could recognize some words: he was looking for the old owner of the house !! I explained to him that I was now the new owner of the house, so he went away.
I decided to immediately change  the keys of the house and to find a way to better close the gate. I really missed my dogs at that moment. If they were in Orel I’m sure nobody would have walked inside the house without my permission!
Yesterday I asked Davide to bring me to Baumarkt. Baumarkt is a big German company like Lowes, with all kind of stuff you need for house improvement. There I bought a new lock for my house and also a new microwave oven.  When we drove home he asked me what I was going to do with the microwave. He could not believe I was going to cook my dinner with it. Actually there are many people who don’t think it is possible. I lived in Milano for about 20 years with just a microwave and a little thing for the coffee and I survived very well ! It is possible!
So I had to invite him for dinner this evening. I bought two frozen trout, some potatoes, some broccoli, some onions and paprika, then I told him to invite his girlfriend, both armed with plate and forks, because I have nothing in the house yet!
I first put the frozen trout in the microwave for 4 minutes to defrost them.
Then I put the trout in a glass pan with some potatoes, onions, olive oil and herbs. Everything in the microwave for 4 + 4 minutes and … on the table. He was surprised: not only was it edible but it was also tasteful and everything so fast!
While waiting for the meal I was complaining that some times Czech people don’t understand me just for little differences in the pronunciation of words. For example last week we were in Pardubice looking for the bank office. We asked some people were was “Smilova street”. They looked at us as if we were from the moon. Finally we asked the name of the street we were on, to find it on the map and they said :Szmilova !
Just Sz instead of our S !!!
We went on, discussing Czech meals and suddenly he asked me what I thought about the restaurant Medohaa’ls.
 I looked at him not understanding.
He repeated, “it isn’t possible that you don’t know! it is that American restaurant!.”
 Medohaa’ls ? Boh…
He said: “yes, that hamburger restaurant…..”
Now it was clear McDonald’s !
 I told : “You mean McDonald’s, right ?”
“Yes” he said “Medohaa’ls ! “
I answered: ” McDonald’s, not Medohaa’ls.”
“And what is the difference ?” he said ” Now you can’t complain anymore about us in Czech not understanding when you speak to us, because it is the same when we speak to you!”
Well, he was right… 1 score to 0, for him !