I bought a car!


  Today I bought a car. It’s a Skoda Forman, a station wagon. It’s a 1994 model, a little out of style, but the car is in very good condition and only has 80,000 miles on the meter. A little old lady owned it (really, on the registration, her birth date was 1937); so I imagine the car was treated well, in fact there is no sign of rust or dents. Everything works and the car was just serviced. It’s only a four-cylinder engine, but it has plenty of room for our dogs in the back. They will be quite comfortable on the trip from Frankfort to Chrudim. I paid only $2,500 so I’m quite satisfied.


Tomorrow morning we are going to Brno in south Moravia for two days. We will drive my car so I can verify if it will make it to Frankfort or not.

  In any case, it will be a nice second car for around town and for the shopping.

Saturday the phone man is arriving to see if he can hook up a phone in our house. If all goes well, I should have a phone by next week.  


We have finally gathered and signed all the documents for the business license; they told us that we would have a response within 10 days. I hope that all goes well and everything is in order. It would be quite an achievement to get the license so quickly.


Tomorrow, I am going to start painting the inside walls of the house and perhaps purchase a washing machine. I saw one on sale for $200, it’s a Sovacchia name, but has a 3 year guarantee. That way we can live totally independent here at Orel. Little by little our life is beginning in the Czech Republic.