The anniversary party fiasco

It is warm here this winter.  No snow yet, we had a foot last year at this time.  It continues to rain though.  I’m getting a little tired of the rain.  If it would only get a couple of degrees colder it would snow. 
Our move is taking its toll on all of us.  My son is depressed, I’m discouraged, and GF has become contrary.  Everything that is said, he takes the opposite side.  I’ve just about stopped talking to him.  I will be so glad when we get over this adjustment period.
We went skiing last week.  The first time for my son and me.  It was pure work.  Not at all easy to learn to ski.  GF soloed on the slops as my son and I struggled to stay on our feet.  What a workout! 
GF and I had our 6th wedding anniversary in December.  I thought you might get a laugh at my attempts to have an anniversary party here.  The party was last night.  I told GF that I would like to invite our new friends to help us celebrate our anniversary by throwing a informal cocktail party.  There was about fifteen people to invite and I didn’t want to do diner for that many people so I thought drinks and tidbits would do well.  I suggested that we do an open house from seven to ten, so people would have time to eat their diner before the party.  GF must have asked me seven times when the party was to start.  I even wrote it down for him.  Well at five, while I was in the middle of slicing and dicing veggies and preparing plates and glasses for the party, I hadn’t even started putting out the food yet, our first guests arrived.  A good two hours before they were suppose to come!  Then another couple arrived.  Then GF arrived from work.  Here I am still in my dirty jeans and T-shirt from cleaning the house, my kitchen looked like a tornado had hit it and I had people in suits and evening gowns, I’m not kidding, at my door for a party that they think is for diner and I still have the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the living room.  What a disaster!  I wanted to kill GF.  It made me look like I was the most unorganized woman in the Czech Republic.  All I could do is invite these people in as graciously as I could be under stressful conditions, I’m not very good at that, have GF get them a drink and excuse myself to continue to prepare for the party, removing the vacuum from the middle of the living room as I exited.  I then buzzed around our guest like a mad hornet till I finished my prep at 6:30, I would have been ready at 6:00 if my guest hadn’t interrupted my pace, then I ran into the bathroom cleaned my arm pits, (no time for a shower) sprayed with perfume and changed into something a little more formal. (I don’t own an evening dress)
I set up an open bar and a buffet so that I would be free to visit and get to know some of our guest better.  That didn’t work well.  The Czechs didn’t understand self-service, they wanted to be served.  I would take them to the bar and they would stand there and wait for me to fill their glass.  So I ended up running around filling glasses for the rest of the night.  I felt like I was working at Tellicafe again.  Everyone was drinking something different, coffee, tea, hot cider, wine, beer, rum, coke etc.  I should have carried the food trays around too, but there wasn’t enough time.  I have enough food left over to do another complete party again.
I arranged the furniture so that people could stand and mingle, flow around the buffet and past the bar and back to the living room.  They didn’t flow, they didn’t mingle, they didn’t stand.  They sat, they picked up chairs and moved my sofas into a large circle and sat down.  Soon I had more people than I had chairs, so they asked for more chairs.  GF sat in the circle and seemed to enjoy himself.  He kept the conversation going.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves, just not in the manner that I had planned.    At ten they all got up and left.  Everyone at the very same time.  I guess they thought when GF told them they could come anytime between 5 and 10 that they were to leave at ten, so they left.  Frankly, I wasn’t too sorry about that.  The evening was a night of complete confusion for me.  I was tired and worn out by ten.  I don’t think I could have done much more. 
I am beginning to feel that it would be best if I just stayed home and read books, live in my own little world and forget about trying to fit in.  Some days it seems too difficult.