Czech Food

  The Czech Republic has the best smoked pork that I have ever tasted.  Pork makes up the biggest part of the Czech diet.  To tell you the truth our food here is very similar to the food that we grew up on.  Pork, chicken, beans, rice, potatoes and cabbage.  Beef is not eaten too often by the Czechs but you can find it at the supper market.  When the weather is warm I grill steaks and have stew when it is cold.  When we go down to the restaurant to eat lunch, I feel like I am going to grandma Ruby’s for lunch.   Czech food is simple feel good food.

We spent yesterday watching films, “The Sum of All Fears” and “The Time Machine”.  The first was quite exciting and Ben Affleck isn’t hard on the eyes either.  The DVD’s have the option of seeing the film in English.  Once in a while we will go to the cinema.  Films are shown in original language with Czech sub titles.  Can you imagine how difficult it must be to watch the film and read sub titles every time you go to the cinema?