The Terrace


Yesterday, the first of the daffodils raised their heads in my garden.  There are violets blooming among the grass.  The days are sunny and warm, although we are still having frost at night. 
Gianfranco trimmed the limbs of our apple tree a couple of days ago.  It was almost too late in the year to do it.  I have been after him all winter to trim the tree and he knew if he didn’t do it now I would blame him for not being able to pick apples this fall.  We have an old tree in the back of our house that hadn’t been cared for in years.  The top was so tall that you couldn’t get the apples off of it.  We didn’t have a ladder tall enough to reach them.  The apples didn’t grow on the lower branches because the sun never got that far, so we had to wait till the apples fell.  Gianfranco cut the height of the tree in half, leaving only the bottom circle of branches.  I will be able to reach them now with my latter.  They will store much better if they are not bruised from a fall.
We plant the gardens in May.  April is just too cold at night.  I tried last year to get a head start but the seeds just set in the ground until they were ready to get up.  This year I’m just going to be patient.  I learned that I have to start my seedlings inside on the window sill first then put them in the garden.  The seed have a hard time germinating in the cold ground. 
I finished laying the bricks on my terrace this week.  I have a patio now.  The septic tank that was the focus of my courtyard is no more seen under the layer of bricks.  I had to put a foot of fill dirt around it to get the yard to the level of the septic tank.  It was a lot of back-breaking work but well worth it.  Now when I look out of my window I see a brick terrace with pots of geraniums instead of that awful  tank.  Little by little it is beginning to look better around here although there is still much to do.