Permission to restore the house

 We just got permission to restore the house from the historical committee.  They came about a month ago and inspected the property and reviewed the plans.  Now we are waiting for the workers to have time to start.  Maybe in another year if we are lucky.  I might be stretching that a bit.  I keep envisioning how nice the house will look when it is finished. Getting the permit is a jump over a BIG hurdle.  We have been working on it for a year and a half.  We had an architect draw up a plan for the entire property.  Now we have the permission for everything and won’t have to go back for each building as we restore it.  It is just a matter of getting the job done now.

We have just come out of a long cold winter.  Things are starting to green up a little.   The fruit trees look like they will be blooming in another day or two.  We drove up into the mountains last weekend to find snow beneath the trees in the forest.  The days are warm but the nights are still cold.  Actually yesterday and today are not exactly warm during the day.  We are expecting a high of 40 today.