Jars of wine on the kitchen counter


I have my dandelion wine fermenting in a jar on the kitchen counter.  It has been at it for two days now.  I decided not to follow a recipe and set out with a combination of many.  It should be interesting to see what I get.  I am going to let it brew for seven days before I rack it.  I want the flavor of the dandelions.  It took me so long to gather and pedal all those flowers.  Remember to stir the musk twice a day.  If you don’t the top will get moldy.  Also little fruit flies or nets carry a bacteria that turns wine into vinegar, so keep your jar covered with a fine clothe.  I fastened the clothe with an elastic of an old pair of panty hose around my jar.  When I finish this one, I am going to make the honey wine.  Our house came with a wine cellar.  It is built on the north side of our courtyard wall.  It would take a lot of wine to fill it up.