An old compost pile


I have so much to be thankful for.  The soil is rich and loamy.  The house is the type of house that I always dreamed of living in.  In addition the people around here are beginning to warm up to us a little.  The problem is that they are very reserved and have a lot of funny little social customs that I am not aware of.  Americans are so direct and frank.  They don’t know what to think of me.  I know I do things that I shouldn’t only after I have done it.  But even with all my mistakes there are still a couple of ladies who have reach out to befriend me. 
We have had three nice days of sunshine.  I was very busy in the yard.  I cleared another area in the back for garden.  It was a huge compost pile that had been turned into a garbage pile.  It had a lot of trash in it, but I knew underneath all the trash was beautiful compost.  It took me three days to dig out, sort and bag the trash, old cans, broken tiles, glass bottles, pieces of metal and plastic.  It is now ready to plant pumpkins and winter squash.  I started them in the house on the window sill a month ago.