Catching flies and gnats

 You can catch flies and gnats in a plastic soda bottle.  Stick some small holes in the side of the bottle about half way up and put a little apple juice or any kind of juice for that matter in the bottom with a little vinegar.  Then hang it up outside in a tree.  The gnats figure out how to get in the bottle but they can’t get out.  You can also catch flies in a soda bottle with a little water and cat food ( make the holes a little bigger.  Put it down wind of the house because it really gets to stinking after a while.  For flies, the more stinky the better.  Flies also like a mixture of apple juice, vinegar and yeast.  Actually, I just use what ever I have in the kitchen, potato pealing, banana skins, orange rinds.  I just stick them in a bottle and add some water an a little vinegar.  Everything starts to ferment after a while and that attracts the gnats and flies.  If you have fire ants in your yard you can use a soda bottle with cola in it.  Set the bottle in the ant mound.  Cola is great to catch yellow jackets too.  Just set the bottle at the entrance of their nest at night and they will crawl in the next day.  I think the traps draws a lot of flies and bugs that wouldn’t normally be there.  I set my traps out away from the house at the edge of my property.  My idea is to give them someplace better than my house to hang out.  It is amazing how many bugs they trap.