The fence project has turned into a bigger job than I expected.  I am still painting.  I decided to paint it brown instead of gray.   It looks like it will take me another week to finish.   Then I have the front gates to repair and paint too.  Then the barn doors and ……  One could paint every day of the year here. 
My flowers are starting to bloom.  The weather has turned warm.  It’s in the seventies now.  The Irises that I have found in the community compost pile are beginning to bloom.  So far I have a light lavender group and a dark purple group.  Every day I look I the buds to see if I can tell what color they are.  I bought some double petunias this year which are really pretty.  Also I have some red peonies in he front lawn that are to die for.  They have been so pretty this year.  After they stop blooming I am going to divide them and move them to a flower bed.