A day at the mall

 Today we went to Pardubice to go shopping at the mall, have lunch in a fast food restaurant, go bowling and see a movie.  It was a full day of fun.  I have to say that I even enjoyed it.  It was a very American day.

I continue to work on the house and garden.   We are eating salad greens from the garden.  I succeeded in growing corn this year.  Last year it didn’t even come up.  I planted winter squash to store in the cellar.  We are not going to have any nuts or cherries this year.  We had a cold snap in May that froze the blooms.  The apples are plentiful though.

I found some more Irises in the compost pile yesterday.  I have a new flower
bed started with a couple of rose bushes along the front fence.  I will add
the Irises to the roses.   This seems the perfect environment for roses.