A visit from home


Denise, Al, Charlie, Denise’s Dad and nephew all came for a four-day visit last week.  We met them at the border of the Czech Republic on the East and drove with them through the country to the West.  I saw parts of the country that I have never seen before plus I had Denise with me in my car to talk to for four days.  It was a wonderful time.  GF went with Al and we followed in my car.  We visited castles and towns.  We tried to hit the most interesting things in just four days.   Actually it was three days of sight-seeing.  One day we spent here at the house.  Denise needed to do laundry.  I was so happy to see her again.  My son really enjoyed talking to Al.  Al was full of facts about history and the second world war.  They were visiting the places Denise’s Dad had been in during the war.   He came in on the beaches of France traveled through Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.  He really had to move around.  This time his visit was much nicer than when he was here before.
My garden is doing well.  I am really trying to keep the weeds under control this year.  It is a big improvement from last year.  I had to hack the garden out of an overgrown patch of weeds last year.  This year things are pretty nice.  Every Saturday morning I go through the garden with a hoe.   I try to take the hoe with me every time I go to the garden.  I remember grandpa walking around with his hoe in hand.  He didn’t go outside without it.  I have some nice squash plants in the garden.  They are winter squash.  We don’t seem to have any bugs that eats them.  I haven’t seen any damage as of yet.  Actually other than slugs ( which are plentiful) there doesn’t seem to be much here that bothers the garden.