Czech furniture


I visited the furniture work shop this morning.  I was quite impressed with the quality of the furniture that I saw there.  The shop is located right here in Chrudim.  The specialize in restoring antique pieces as well as building reproductions.  There is very little machinery, most of the work is done by hand.  They have 40 full-time employees. 
First I will tell you about the antique furniture.  They buy pieces from individual in the Czech Republic.  The pieces are then stripped of their old finishes and dried in a moisture controlled warehouse for 6 months.  Then they are taken and repaired.  The repairs are anything from a new foot to new crown molding or trim.  The trim and molding is matched perfectly to the original.  After they are repaired the piece is stained and waxed.  The stains are matched to the original wood.  The finished piece is somewhere between a light honey to a dark honey color.  I saw the furniture which had not been repaired as well.  It is all solid and in good condition.  The repairs are more or less superficial. 
The reproductions they make of very nice furniture as well.  Every piece is 100% wood products.  They use dovetail joints in all their drawers.  Rabbit joints are used in the cabinets.  They use some screws and brads on the bottom and back side of the cabinets, but there is no sign of modern technology on the front or inside the finished cabinets.  These pieces are not meant to be sold as antiques, but to see them side by side I really couldn’t tell the old from the new without close inspection.  The reproductions can be custom-made to any specifications. 
They sell the furniture by the container.  They take care of shipment and insurance from door to door.  They pack the container and pad the furniture.  They have been in business for seven years.  They ship to several locations in Europe and to one client in Chicago. 
You can see their furniture at