Cleaning out the garage


It is raining and cool today so I am inside doing a little house work.  I started a new wine made from Elderflowers a few days ago.  I strained off the blossoms and poured it into a clean jug so that it could brew for a while.  I did the same to the Dandelion wine too.  The yeast settles on the bottle of the jugs as it turns the juice into wine.  Every once in a while you need to drain the juice off the yeast and put it in a fresh clean jug.  Eventually the wine will clear as all the yeast dies and then it is ready to bottle. 
We plan to meet Maggie and Jaro today for dinner.  I invited them to go with my son and me to a nice little restaurant a few miles from us in the country.  The restaurant is located in a log house that was built-in the 1700’s.  The same family has owned and operated the restaurant for over 200 years.  It’s really a special place.  The food is cooked on a wood stove.
I finished repairing and painting my gates on the front wall of the courtyard yesterday.  Boy, that was a job!  The front of the house is starting to look pretty nice.  We still need to have the stucco repaired on the wall.  We have some ice damage from water freezing in cracks and breaking away the stucco.  We are going to have to put some flashing on top of the wall to keep the water from leaking into the cracks on the stones. 
I started another flower bed in the front along the fence.  I found some more Irises and didn’t have a place to put them.  I planted two roses and four clumps of Irises for starters.  Now as I find more flowers I will fill in the bed.  This Fall I think I will divide my Peonies and bring some more of the tall phlox from the back of the barn to the front of the house along the fence. 
It rained a couple of days this week so I had the opportunity to clean out the garage.  We had so much piled in the garage that we couldn’t get the car in it.  Now there is only one little corner of boxes I still have to put away.  I wired it for lights and wall plugs the other day.  Now I want to build a work bench along the side wall like you have in Tampa.  Naturally the place where I want the work bench is the one corner of the garage I still have to organize.  I will most likely get the cleaning done today. 
I haven’t decided what will be my next project.  Whether to tackle the repairing of the barn doors or lay out another flower bed along the side of the patio.  There is a pile of dirt and rocks which is really bothering me which I would like to see leveled and in flowers.  Then the patio area of the courtyard would look pretty decent.  I think I just made up my mind to do the flower bed.