A surprise

Gianfranco went to Italy last week to visit his family.  While he was gone, I cleaned out the garage, wired it with electricity, installed lights and wall plugs and built him a workbench.  Last night he arrived home about nine in the evening.  I had the garage lights on to draw him in and surprised him with his new work area.  He was quite pleased.  Now he has decided to use the entire garage for a shop and move his car to the barn.  Naturally, I have to repair the doors on the barn so we can park our cars inside.  The doors are on my list to do anyway this summer, but I think I will level the ground and make another flower bed along the side of the terrace before I tackle the doors.
Today it is going to rain.  It has been cool this week.  It is in the fifties!  I had to put on a heavy long sleeve shirt yesterday while I was working in the garage.  Not bad for the first week in July.  My garden is really pretty this year.  Everything is growing so well.  I will have zucchini and green beans ready to be picked by the end of the week.