Rainy summer days

We haven’t had much going on this week because it has been raining for a week.  Today is the first day that we have had some sunshine.  The slugs really came out when it rained.  I went out every day and cut them in two with a pair of scissors.  The next day they were as thick as ever.  After a week of exterminating I have manage to cut the population down some.  This morning there were just a few in sight.  I have also  found some choice snails.  We have those big French snails in our garden.  The ones you can eat.  GF and I both enjoy escargot so I have decided to put some on a bed of lettuce for a week and then cook them.  Thanks to the internet I have found out how to prepare them.  Sunday between rain showers we went mushroom hunting.  Porcine mushrooms grow in the forest near our village.  Mushrooming is one of the Czechs favorite pastimes.  The porcine mushrooms are easy to recognize and there is no similar poisonous mushroom to confuse you.  Even little children collect them.  We found a few and took them to our neighbor who is the mushroom specialist in our village to confirm that they were in fact edible.  This morning my son and I went out again and found a few more.  They can be dried and used in soups or sauces throughout the winter.  Unlike in America, any mushroom with a solid underside are edible. 

The porcini have a very pretty reddish brown top and a yellow underside.  There is no other mushroom that is simular in color.  We used to buy them in Milano in the Fall for a premium price.  They are very expensive because they are so taisty.  Here they are plantiful and easy to find after a rain in the forrest.  Tomorrow morning I am going with my neighbor hunting mushrooms again.  The walk in the forrest is so beautiful.  The fir trees are so tall and green moss grows on the ground that is covered with pind needles.  My neighbor has been very kind to us.  She made us donuts this morning.  She doesn’t have a car so I will be happy to take her up to the mountains to go mushroom hunting.  It is only about four miles from our house.
On one of the rainy days last week I wired the attic with lights.  Now I can see how dirty it is up there so I will have to clean it.  We hang our clothes in the attic in the winter or when it rains.