We’ve finally got the building permit!

 While I putting geraniums in the front window boxes.  My husband pulled into the drive.  It was early for him to return home so I was interested in knowing the reason for his early arrival.  “We’ve got the permit to repair the stucco facade, remodel the guest house and repair the out buildings,” he shouted with joy.   I ran over and gave him a big hug.  I was so happy I could hardly retain myself.  Finally we had a permit!  We celebrated with a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and dinner.  We had been waiting for nearly two years for the permit.  When we first bought the house we had imagine that the renovation would be completed in two or three years.  The facts were quite different.  When we applied for the building permit we were told that our house was a historical building protected by the state.  (Funny how the real estate agent had neglected to tell us that.)  Before we could start reconstruction we would have to ask for permission from the preservation office in Prague.  Before they would give us permission an archaeological dig was necessary.  As well as a complete survey of the property and a complex architectural plan of the house.  Then there was to be an inspection by the preservation officers and photo documentation with an in-depth written inventory of every window, door, electrical socket and light switch.  Each step was painfully slow with long gaps of time between each inspection.  Finally the day has come that we have the permit in hand with a warning ‘not one deviation from the plan without written permission from the preservation office’. Cheers! Pour me another glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.