A building permit and vegetables

After nearly two years we got the permit to restore the house!  Yea!!!!  We celebrated with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon and dinner.  Now we can finally get our guest house ready for company.  We have to wait another two weeks for our neighbors to object to the renovation after a notice was posted in the village.  I don’t think anyone cares whether we renovate or not.  So it will be just a matter of days till we start demolition and remodeling.  I am so excited.
I have been working on the flower bed around the terrace.  I had to move a load of rocks to another location and level a pile of dirt.  It’s coming along nicely.  It is 3:00 in the afternoon and 80 degrees so I came in to cool off.  In another hour it will be a little cooler outside.
We ate our first mess of green beans and zucchini for diner last night.  I have some beautiful zucchini plants.  We don’t have squash beetle here so they are big and green.  The rain we had last week has made them double in size.  My corn is beginning to silk.  I seeded some Hollyhocks in the back of the garden and they are in bloom.  I have some poppies in the other corner.  My garden is really pretty.  Last year I had so many weeds, but this year I have manage to keep them under control. 
I have made a friend in the village.  She is one of my neighbors, Mrs. Thomas.  She is the one I went mushroom hunting with.  She came by today to tell me that there was a chicken truck on the corner selling cleaned chickens for a very good price.  So now I have two chickens in my refrigerator.  If there is something going on she knows.