An American BBQ

We had three hot days last week.  It rained on Saturday and cooled things off a bit.  It is in the 70’s again.  We had a BBQ party for 19 friends last night.  It went very well.  I cooked a meal that was typical American BBQ.  We had potato salad, green beans, baked zucchini, ribs and chicken.  I fixed an apple pie and a blueberry cobbler for dessert.  Everyone cleaned their plates, so I guess they liked it.  It rained off and on all day so at 3:00 I decided to move the party indoors.  We swept out the soon to be guest house and set the table up in there.  I brought out lots of candles for light and set a nice table.  It was really lovely.  
Tomorrow my son and I are going rafting down a gentle river.  Just a day of relaxation.  We think it will be fun.  I will pack a lunch and we will be off for the day.  We went up to the lake the other day, but there was nothing to do there.  We got bored and came home.  Neither one of us wanted to get wet.