Down the river.

I have been outside working on the house and garden.  There is so little time to work before winter sets in.  We have been very fortunate to have nice weather this year.  It has been in the 70’s most of the summer.  I think we have had three days in the 90’s all summer. 

We are now able to park the cars in the garages.  We each have a one car garage.  I cleaned them out of building material and accumulated junk.  My, it is amazing how fast one can accumulate junk.  We have been here for just two years.  One of our problems is that our friends bring their junk over.  We have enough tires in our barn for three cars.  Also a lovely table and wardrobe cabinet,   six interior doors and two exterior doors which doesn’t belong to us.  Our friends live in apartments and don’t have storage space.  It’s ok, we have a big empty barn that we are not going to do anything with for who know how long.  There is plenty of room.
 We took the day off yesterday and went rafting down a river.  It was a beautiful day.  The river was tranquil and required little effort on our part to arrive at our designation.  The current pulled us along.  I have to tell you that the river was not like the beautiful clean rivers in Tennessee.  It was polluted.  We set off in a forest area which was nice but then we arrived in an old town that had buildings along the bank of the river and discovered sewage pipes emptying into the river.  The stink was unmistakable and awful.  We decided after that to stay as dry as we could for the rest of the trip.  That was the only town that we came in contact with but it was enough to nearly spoil the trip.  As we floated down the river we kept encountering people swimming and playing in the water.  I wanted to tell them to get out.  We also found lots of trash in the river; old tires, shoes, metal objects, wooden objects and plastic.  It is such a shame, where there is people there is trash.
It’s eleven and I’m still in the house on the computer.  I am a little tired from the raft trip yesterday.  I have so much to do but I just can’t get going this morning.  I might take another day off to recuperate from yesterday.  I want to clean out the cellar.  We could use it for storing winter squash and potatoes from the garden and homemade wine.  It stays around 50 in there all year.  It is now full of old wood and crates with lots a spider webs on the walls and ceiling.  The floor is dirt.  I would like to put a layer of lime on the ground and then cover it with a load of gravel.  Just talking about it makes me want to get started.