Camping on the river.

This week I took my son on a five-day river canoe trip.  We returned last night.  We camped out in a tent on the river bank in the evening and paddled down the Vlata River during the day.  We stopped at different places to visit castles, monasteries and medieval towns along the way.  The camps on the river were very nice with hot showers and flush toilets.  Each camp had an open air restaurant which served good food at a reasonable price.  For just $8.00 a day we slept and ate.

Gianfranco is working hard to develop his business. He has just hired another salesman.  That makes three now.  He is expanding into Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic.  Little by little the business is growing.  The tourist business is growing here too.  More and more people are discovering how beautiful the Czech Republic is, with its Baroque architecture and unspoiled countryside.   Chrudim has plans to make the center a pedestrian area and develop the center for tourist.  It is really a charming old town.