A summer for mushrooms

We are going to take a few days and see a little of Austria next week.  I thought that we would camp at night, see a few sites and drive through the Alps before my son starts school September the 7th.  This has been a wet and cool summer for us.  It is hard to plan outings between showers.  Not a good year for swimming at all with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s.  It feels more like Fall.  However it is a good year for mushrooms.  I go each Tuesday with my neighbor into the woods to hunt for mushrooms.  They are plentiful this year.  I have porcini mushrooms drying in every window of the house.  I have canned pickled mushrooms and made mushroom dishes till we don’t appreciate them anymore.  Never the less I enjoy going to the forest and walking in the woods so I continue to go and collect mushrooms.  It is like picking up sea shells on the beach.  You just can’t pass them by.  I have become more selective though.  I only pick the best ones and leave the rest for someone else.