The reconstruction begins.

Another week has come and gone again.  Half the week we were on the road and the other half I have spent cleaning the house and clothes.  It hasn’t rained in 2 weeks so everything is dusty, inside and out.  I decided to wash the winter blankets and change the bedding while we are having a few warm dry day. 
GF went to a market in Slovakia.  He will be back on Sunday.  We have workers coming on Sunday to start fixing up the guesthouse.  These guys work seven days a week with no breaks.  They are from Moldavia.  Since they are away from their families they work instead of taking a day off.  When they make enough money they will go home for a few weeks then return to work some more.
My garden is slowing down.  I picked a gallon bucket of green beans today.  I have yellow squash to pick tomorrow.  I succeeded in growing some nice beets.  My pumpkins are ripening and our corn is ready to eat.  Our tomatoes developed wilt and died from all the rain we got in June and July.  The tomatoes rotted on the vines.  I put up five quarts of pickles today.  I will pick the yellow squash tomorrow.