The harvest

The garden is at its peak this week and I have had to put up something everyday.  I still haven’t gotten to the corn but hope to get it cut off the cobs and frozen tomorrow.  I pulled up all the beets yesterday.  I managed to grow some nice ones this year.  GF likes them pickled.  We ate them just boiled and salted for dinner last night and again tonight.  They were so good.   I cut off the greens and put them in the freezer for this winter.  When there is nothing else green to eat this winter we will enjoy them.  I put four bags of the beet roots in the freezer too.  The rest I pickled.    I have a pumpkin vine in the front yard along the fence.  There was a pumpkin growing outside the fence on the sidewalk until today.  Some kid snatched it this afternoon.  It was just too tempting sitting there.  I still have plenty in the garden.  I knew that one wouldn’t last.   I’m cleaning out the root cellar for all this garden stuff.   I have been working off and on for a couple of weeks to get it empty and ready for our harvest.