Fall is in the air.

Fall is in the air.  I turned on my heater this morning when I got up.  I also put on a sweater.  It’s a little cold this morning.  Outside it’s 34 degrees, just above freezing.  Yesterday we had a high of 58.  It was a good day to work in the garden, which I did in the morning.  The afternoon I spent cleaning out our cellar.  The floor of the cellar is dirt.  I have decided to dig up the top 3 or 4 inches and haul the dirt to fill in some holes in the yard.  It is really dirty dirt.  After years of storing potatoes in the cellar.  They stored vines and all.  Then left the vines to rot on the cellar floor.  Then there is the question of chickens.  From the nest I found in the corners and the strong odor, I would say there has been chickens in the cellar too.  When I finish leveling the floor, I will cover the dirt with a layer of lime then cover it with a layer of gravel.  Then I need to white wash the stone walls with lime.   At that point, it will be ready for my fruits and vegetables. 
I’m still getting beans out of the garden.  I have pumpkins, potatoes and pop corn still ripening.  The apples aren’t ripe yet either, so I have a rest from the garden.  All of our tomatoes developed blight from all the rain we’ve got.  I managed to rescue only five tomatoes to eat.  On the other hand, we had a good crop of basil but basil without tomatoes is missing something.  I froze a couple of bags of basil for sauce and soup.
We haven’t had enough rain for the mushrooms this week.  We found just enough for one diner yesterday.  I’m glad that I dried so many when I found them this summer.  I will be able to make rice with mushrooms this winter.
My neighbor has offered to teach me how to make sour kraut on Saturday.  I have to go buy a ceramic kraut jar before Saturday.  Gianfranco loves kraut, although I am not very fond of it, he will enjoy it.  The kraut is another motivation to get the cellar in order since the kraut stinks and I don’t want to keep it in the house.