It’s Friday again!  Today I invited my neighbor to go shopping at 11:00.  She arrived and we got in my car to find the battery dead.  No shopping for us.  A few days ago I notice that it was slow to start.  I check the water in the battery which was low and filled it with about a half of a quart.  I thought that might take care of the problem but it looked like I needed a new battery.  I called Remo since GF is out-of-town and he promptly arrived and drove me into town to buy a new battery.  We got back and I put the new one in.  After lunch my neighbor and I tried again and successfully did our shopping.  She is convinced that I should learn to cook like the Czechs.  We found some nice ceramic sour kraut jars today.  She persuaded me to buy a 2 gallon jar and promised me she would teach me how to make kraut.  GF loves kraut so I thought I would make him happy.  Yesterday she told me to gather up all the apples which fell on the ground and put them in a bag.  I ended up with 4 bushel baskets of bad apples.  I didn’t understand what she wanted me to do with these apples but I figured I would find out as we went along.  Today we took them to a grocery store where we weighed them and the man gave me a receipt with a date to come back.  I found out that they distill them and make a type of alcohol from the apples.  I am entitled to 5 liters of alcohol for my apples.  I don’t know what we are going to do with all that vodka.  Maybe we will give it to GF’s family for Christmas presents.  It was a great adventure anyway.  These kind of things you would never know about unless you had someone to show you.  It was great to clean up under the apple tree and to have a place to get rid of the apples that had fallen off the tree.  I still have bushels of beautiful apples to make apple butter and freeze for pies. 
The mushroom season is over.  It is now time to collect nuts.  There is a chestnut forest near us.  I plan to go next week and collect them for chestnut dressing.  Our walnuts are beginning to fall too.  I collected a couple of grocery bags already.  We are not going to have as many as we had last year.  I won’t be giving many away.