The root cellar

This week has been very busy for me.  I made more jelly and canned pears.  I gathered the walnuts from under our trees and picked up fallen apples.  I have also been working on repairing our root cellar.  I spent one day repairing the tile roof.  I had to replace thirty-five broken tiles.  I wanted to have it dry before it started snowing.  GF still hasn’t noticed that I repaired it.  There was a little tree growing out of the roof which isn’t there anymore.  He did notice that there were broken tiles on the ground where I had tossed them off the roof but he couldn’t figure out where they came from.  It is so comical.  I decided not to say anything and just wait for him to notice.  The stone seal over the door was broken in two, so I bought a couple of pieces of angle iron, jacked up the seal with a car jack and slid the angle irons in place.  It was a lot harder than it sounded but I did a good job.  Now I can repair the door so that it will be nice and tight for winter.  The entire cellar is made of stone.  It was built in 1707.  I think it is pretty cool to have a root cellar.  I am filling it up with my canning and jellies.  We have a bushel of potatoes from our garden and another bushel of fresh apples stored in it.  Not to mention all the wine that I made this summer.  It is so nice to have a place to store all that stuff since my kitchen is so small.
I discovered that we have a leak in our roof.  Tomorrow I am going up in the attic and repair it.  We can’t have water coming into the house and soaking into our stone walls.  The walls are constructed of stone and clay.  If the clay gets too wet the wall will become weak.  My neighbour’s garden wall collapsed this summer after it became too wet.  There will always be repairs to be done on this house.  I guess it is that way with any house.  I remember in Tellico we just kept a list going all the time.  We would cross one thing off and add two things to the bottom.  It is that way here too.  Now I feel pressed by winter’s arrival.  I feel I need to get so much done before it gets cold.
Next week I am taking a day off to go to Poland with our community group.  We go to shop at a flea market were the prices are low.  GF can’t go this time but I feel confident enough to go with the group alone.  I have become friendly with a few of the women in the village.  It has taken me nearly three years to break the ice.