The first freeze.

We had our first freeze last night.  It is 28 degrees outside this morning. 
I got everything picked and stored away.  I guess the season for being outside is almost over.  I went on a shopping trip to Poland yesterday.  I just can’t figure out why these people want to shop there.  I have never seen such ugly clothes in my life.  All synthetic and strange colours.  Other than the smoked sausages I found little that I would want to buy.  The adventure was fun though.  The bus driver turned into a bar tender when we stopped.  Everyone shopped for a while and then returned to the bus for a cup of grog (rum in hot water with sugar) or a shot of vodka then they went shopping again.  The place is a big flea market, all new stuff no second-hand.  It was in the forties yesterday so the grog was nice to sip on.  I slept on the way back.  I bought smoked fish and sausages, a 10 pound bag of onions, a rug for the floor in the bedroom and a silk scarf for me.