Christmas gifts

I have been preparing Christmas presents this week.  This fall I made lots of jellies and preserves to give as gifts at Christmas.  Now I have the job of labelling and dressing up the jars with a piece of cloth and ribbon.  It’s turning into a big project.  I spent two days last week making the labels.  GF gave me a new colour printer for my computer that makes lovely labels with colour ink and artwork.  This week I have to glue them on the jars and dress up the jars.  Then put them each in packages for friends and GF’s family.  I never thought about how much work goes into making a gift of home-made jelly before now. 

It snowed here again yesterday.  Only about four inches but enough to cover everything in a white blanket. 
We met another neighbour this week.  He is a farmer who raises cattle.  We bought 3 tons of manure from him for the garden.  He delivered it yesterday.  He is a very jolly guy who seems happy with his life.  It was enjoyable chatting with him.  We spent yesterday spreading the manure on the garden.