Winter wonderland


 We are in a winter wonderland here.  It snows throughout the winter and looks like a Christmas card.  All we are missing is the red cardinals.  Unfortunately, we don’t have many song birds here.  We have a favourite restaurant near here which has been operating for over 200 years.  It is a log house in the center of a little village.  In the winter it is a really special place.  Snow covers the whole town.  The house is heated by a wood fire.  They still cook on a wood stove in the kitchen and serve a locally brewed beer.  Cross country skiing is a national past time for the Czechs and this restaurant sits at the edge of a ski road.  Beside the door in the winter there is always a collection of skis stuck in the snow. 

 It is just three days before Christmas.  My son and his father are coming up from Milan.  I am busy making cookies and cakes for their visit.  So much to still do.