A frosty January day

 The reconstruction of the guest house continues.  Now that it is winter the men who were coming only on Sundays are here all week.  We are really making progress but it is tiring seven days a week.  I hate to be the one to complain because I am not actually doing the work.  I just have to keep hot water on the stove for tea and check their progress from time to time.  Sometimes I have to go get some building materials for them.  They are the ones that are working so hard.  It is such heavy work and they never take a day off.  They come from Moldavia.  I saw a TV program about Moldavia the other day.  It is the poorest country in the ex Soviet Russia.  The average pay for a days work in Moldavia is just one dollar.  So I guess they learn to work hard or die of hunger.  I’m so grateful that they are working for us. 

Today was such an enchanting day.  It was really cold last night so this morning the trees and bushes were covered with a layer of white frost.  It looked unreal, as though everything was sprayed with that snow in a can.  It was really beautiful.
I asked my son how school was this week and he told me it was fine.  That is two weeks in a row that he has used the word fine to describe school.  I think he is finally adjusting.  His grades are still not up to par but I can’t expect him to do that well here.  There is too many other things he has to learn.