Roasted peppers under olive oil

Another one of my favorite provisions for winter is grill sweet roasted peppers in olive oil.
I don’t know how you roast your peppers but I have found that you can put them under the broiler till they turn black on the top and turn them until all sides are roasted.  Afterwards, if you put them in a plastic bag while they are still hot and close up the bag for a half hour of so, they will sweat and the skins will loosen from the peppers.  Then, if you peel them under cold running water the skin practically fall off.  I used to prepare a case of peppers a night in my restaurant.  I found this method the most efficient for me.  Actually, I had a large grill in the restaurant which I used to grill the peppers, however I proceeded from there as I described above.  I have used the broiler at home with the same success.   After the peppers are roasted and peeled I put them in a clean jar with a clove of garlic and a pinch of fine sea salt.  Then I cover the peppers with extra virgin olive oil from my husband’s family olive orchard.  Yes, I know that most people are not fortunate enough to have a home production of olive oil so try to get the best oil possible from your specialty store.  The investment you make in primo olive oil will always pay you dividends in the long run.  The oil in the jar should cover the peppers completely.  As long as the peppers are covered with oil they will not spoil.  Put on a tight lid and store the jars in your cellar.