American food

I had to take GF to the train station in Pardubice today, so I took advantage of having the car and being in the city for a little shopping excursion.  GF’s birthday is on Sunday so I wanted to get him a present while I was in the city.  His CD player had quite on him so I thought I would find a new unit for his receiver.  Unfortunately, I discovered that they don’t have them around anymore.  The only thing that I found was the combo CD players, turntables, cassette players, and radios with speakers.  The whole thing cost the same as what one unit would have cost before.  I guess when something stops working you are to toss the whole thing and get a new one these days.  I ended up with a big pulsating looking thing all in ghetto chrome with flashing lights that blink with the rhythm of the music.  Yikes!  What happened to sophistication and good taste?  After I finished at the electronic store, with music still throbbing in my head, I proceeded to our version of the Czech General Dollar store, just to browse around.  I found some electrical tape, a finger nail brush, some fragrant oils for soap making and hand lotion.  All for under $5.00.  That made me happier considering I just bought a unit with a turntable, cassette player, and radio to replace the perfectly good ones I have at home.  Next I went to an odd little grocery store which has what ever might have arrived that day.  It is similar to Big Lots, but only has food products.  I really lucked out!  I found some chocolate chip cookies, called “Tennessee’s,” obviously I had to buy them, and I found one bag of Cheetos.  Now you might say what is the big deal about Cheetos, but this is the first bag that I have ever seen in the Czech Republic.  After going to Center Church for so many years I have developed a liking for Cheetos.  Center Church handed out tons of Cheetos to the children every Sunday to keep them quite.  Although it was only 9:00 in the morning, I opened the bag as soon as I got in the car and ate them all without saving any for GF.  But don’t feel too bad for GF for I also found two bags of Liquorice, which happens to be his favourite candy and one that you can’t find here.  He was thrilled to find it when he returned from his business trip that evening.  Next, I stopped at a new grocery store which has just opened in Chrudim only to find T-bone steaks!  What a find that was.  There they were sitting in the meat counter all by themselves.  Just two in a cellophane package.  Next to the large variety of pork products.  In the Czech Republic if you don’t eat pork you starve.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I have looked for steaks in every grocery store in this county and today was the first time I came across a steak.  I brought them home and although we are in single digit temps outside, I built a hard wood fire and when the fire died down to coals I grilled our T-Bone steaks.  They were absolutely, incredibly, great!  At the same grocery store I bought a Junior Turkey which was our dinner for today.  It was not much bigger than a hen.  It was very tender and moist, but it really didn’t have the characteristic taste of a larger turkey.  It tasted more like a chicken, but we enjoyed it.  I have just enough left over for sandwiches tonight a soup tomorrow.  So, it has been a week of American foods and treats.  Sometimes you just get homesick for American food when you are living in Europe, although the food here is really great.