The Moravian Wine Trail

A snow storm is raging outside.  I am at my computer dreaming of spring when we will be able to get out of the house again to enjoy our Bohemian lifestyle.  It’s been cold for a few weeks.  The heating system doesn’t work very well in our old house so I am sitting here with layers of clothes to keep my body warm and gloves on my fingers.  My thoughts have returned to a warmer place where I once made my home in Italy.  When I lived in Milan years ago, my friends and I often went biking in the country.  We would meet at daybreak at the edge of the city then bike out-of-town through the countryside for the day.  The highlight of the day would be to stop at a country restaurant and have lunch then bike back to Milan.  Those bike trips were some of the best memories I have of living in Italy.  Today I am 30 years older and I’m thinking about getting a scooter, GF has one and if I got another, we could go on some adventures this summer.  Biking has become too much work to be fun.  We could still use the bike paths and ride around the countryside stopping in country restaurants for lunch.
One place I would like to  visit is the Moravian Wine Trails The Moravian Wine Trail wind through the picturesque landscape of southeastern Moravia. This “wine highway” joins the venerable town of Znojmo with Uherské Hradiště, the capital of the Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia) region, while allowing visitors to experience a part of the country marked by wine, rich history and living traditions. The Moravian Wine Trail passes through all Moravian wine regions and intersects seven of the ten local wine loops. It traverses 70 winemaking towns, dozens of protected natural areas and many of the region’s important historical and architectural monuments.