Dance Lessons

March 11, 2006

 Gianfranco and I went to dance lessons last week-end.  We met a man who speaks Italian a few weeks ago.  He wanted to get to know us so he could practice Italian.  Last week he came over to tell us that he and his wife are going to start dance lesson and invited us to join them.  There was ten of us in all.  We met in a gym in the next town.  We were introduced to the waltz, tango, the jitter bug and country line dancing.  We had a good time there.  My husband and I were the worse of the bunch.  We stepped on each others feet, stumbled and lost our way over and over again.  However, we laughed a lot and so did the others.  One of the women in the group is an English teacher. Her husband is British. She teaches a group of State workers and invited me to come along to talk to her class.  She is going on vacation next week and asked if I would fill in for her.  I met her in Chrudim for the English lesson today. It was a fun afternoon.  We exchanged recipes with the class.  The students gave me some recipes for a few nice Czech dishes.