Grean Peas and Pink Flowers

We ate green peas for breakfast and dinner yesterday.  I went out at 5:30 in the morning and found that there were mess of them ready to be picked.  They looked so good that I came in and ate them raw for breakfast.  Then GF made a wonderful tomato sauce with peas for dinner and served it over penne.  What a nice treat to have a husband that can cook so well.  I am truly a lucky woman.  The little pink flowers came up in my garden one year and have re-seeded every year since.  I have them in a border all around my garden now.  They bloom all summer.  My husband thinks that everything in the garden should produce something to eat but I feel that we need food for the soul as well as for our bodies so I surround my garden with flowers. Most of the flowers are eatable though, it’s a compromise.