St. Kopecek Church and Monastery

On St. Kopacek’s hill, overlooking Olomouc sits the Church and Monastery of the same name.

The church was built in the 17th and early 18th century, in the Baroque style. The ‘Holy stairs’ in front of the church, leading towards an alley of old trees in the direction to the city serve us as a reminder of 28 stairs in the Pilatus´s Jerusalem palace, which Jesus had to climb before his sentence to death. John Paul II honoured Svatý Kopeček by his visit in 1995, and in the same year the Church of the Visitation of Our Lady was given the title “basilica minor”.

St. Kopecek Monastery

 As we climbed the hill from Olomouc the yellow facade of the Monastery glistens in the sunlight on top of the highest point of the surrounding countryside.  Upon arriving we viewed the double clock towers and main entrance of the Church.  The day was quite hot, the sun shining brightly at mid-day, we welcome the chance of escaping the heat by entering the cool dark refuge of the sanctuary.  Walking through the front foyer I turned and look up at the pipe organ above the doors.  Angels and cherubs playing their instruments were set in the mist of pastel panels of blue and pink.  Could heaven be so beautiful?

pipe organ