Camposilvano, Jan Lackey


Camposilvano di Vallarsa is located in northern Italy. A quite little village nestled between the peeks of the Trentino Alpine mountains. Perched high on a steep bank, Camposilvano is one of several small towns or villages which poke up through a wild countryside carved out of the highlands by the river Leno. The houses are clustered close together near the church in the limited area available on the hillside. The tolling bells of the church cascades down to the valley floor as does the water of the river Leno. The rushing water of the river can be heard lapping against the jagged rocks furrowed between craggy slopes. unspoiled nature surrounds the village, where the enchanted silence is only disturbed by the warble of birds. The fragrance of roasting sausages and polenta bubbling in copper pots on wood burning stoves fill the lanes between the houses at meal time. Camposilvano is as picturesque as it gets.