A Portrait of a Young Girl…. by Jan Lackey


Chrudim, which is just two miles from our village, is the cultural center for our region. Concerts are performed every Friday evening in the local theater. The most famous regional orchestra in the Czech Republic is based in Chrudim. There are also many choral groups and opera companies. Another quite unique form of entertainment are puppet shows. Marionettes, carved wooden puppets, have been made in Chrudim for centuries. At the Puppet Theater you can see the puppeteers at work. The shows are quite elaborate. Not only do they perform classical puppet shows, but they also do experimental theater. In July, is the annual international puppet festival. Puppeteers come from all over the world for a week of celebration and workshops. If you have an interest in puppets, Captain Oddsocks has written a nice piece about the Chrudim puppet theater. http://captainoddsocks.blogspot.com/2008/11/czech-national-marionette-museum.htmlVisual art is also well represented in Chrudim. I feel that we are very lucky to be living so close to such a town, yet still have the tranquility of the country life. That’s life in the Czech Republic, a bit of everything.