Aquaponic – building the platform

This week-end, GF and I started building a deck for the fish tank.  We decided to elevate it above the ground because of the field mice that hide under anything on the ground during winter.  We were afraid that the mice might eat a hole in the tank and all the water would run out.  We are also planning a gravitational system so an elevated tank will make it easier to  circulate the water. 

 We used salvaged the material for the platform: old wooden beams from the ceiling of our living room that had to be replace after a fire. Old doors from a friends house. A little salvaged lumber. Some building blocks found in the barn and a few square yards of gravel. A 10 foot round plastic swimming pool that we bought during the winter at a big end of season discount.

 After selecting the spot to build the tank, we dug holes about two feet deep and two feet wide. We filled the holes with gravel. The gravel will serve as a solid foundation for the platform. Then we laid the blocks on top of the gravel. After leveling the blocks we placed the wooden beams on top of the blocks and checked to see if the beams were level in all directions. We proceeded by laying the old doors on top of the beams. We then built a frame around the the structure to support the pool.

Constructing the deck for the fish tank

Taking a rest

Framing the deck

Finished frame