Aquaponics – Buying the fish

Finishing work on the Elfhouse

I have been really under some pressure lately.  We have two projects going on at home and regular work.  We have been doing the last detail work on the Elfhouse and building our Aquaponic system in the garden.  I’ve been too tired to turn on my computer.  Sorry.

 It is Saturday morning and we have got big plans for today.  We are going to a fish hatchery to buy some fish for our Aquaponic system.   GF and I were out in the garage till 10 pm. rigging up an aerator for the fish barrels so that we can transport the fish from hatchery.  

Tanks for transporting fish

We took an old bike tube and weight it down with some old tap parts.  Cut a little hole in the tube and inserted the air hose. 

Air system for tanks