Aquaponics – Our system is up and running

This morning we got up early, put the tanks in the car, hooked up the aerator and went for the fish.  The fish are happily swimming around in our pool now.  Day one of our aquaponic experiment has begun.  All seems to be well.  We have created a micro environment in our back yard.  It’s pretty cool.

Fish on day one

After we built the tank for the fish, we constructed two growing-beds.  We had a couple of old bath tubs left over from reconstruction. We mounted a drain pipe in each tub with silicone, to work as a syphon.  The pipes allow the water to rise to a curtain level then drain out of the grow-beds to return to the fish tank.  When the silicone was dried we put the grow-beds in place and filled them with gravel.  We attached drain lines to a slump barrel.  When the water rises in the slump barrel an electric pump turns on sending the water back to the fish tank.

 We drilled holes into pipes and used silicone to attach them to the tub.

grow-bed drain pipes


We set bricks on the ground to level the tubs.

Level the place for grow-beds

Level the place for grow-beds

Then positioned the beds and hooked up tubing.

Positioned grow-beds

We filled the beds with gravel.

Filled the beds with gravel and hooked up the slump pump.

GF checked the system and adjusted the level of water in the beds.

Checking the system

Adjusting water level

Planted the beds with lettuce.

Planted beds

Waited for the water to cycle through the system.

Fish farmer