Make a Snail Box

 Making a snail box is an important step in preparing your snails for “Escargots à la bourguignonne.” Start by getting a fruit crate from you local supermarket. Cover the handle slots with metal screen. Make two wooden frames to fit over the crate. Cover the frames with metal screen. Just staple the screen over the wooden frame. Plastic screen will not do. The snails can eat through the plastic. Now your ready to collect your snails. In the early morning while the dew is still on the ground, gather some  garden snails and fresh greens.  It may take two or three mornings before you have enough snails for dinner, six to ten snails per person is enough.  Put the bottom of the box in one of the frames.  Wash the snails and greens in clean water and put them in the box with a plate of corn meal and flour.  The greens should be wet.  Do not shake off the water.  Once you got everything in the box you can close the box with the other screened frame.  Put a stone or brick on the lid to keep your snails from escaping.  Put the box in a shady place out of the sun.  Change grains and wet greens daily. Wash the inside of the cage every day. The snails will “excrete” a lot and you want them living in a clean cage. Continue this process for two weeks. If a snail dies remove it as soon as you find it.  After two weeks, remove the lettuce and grain and clean the cage. Add a pan of water.  Remove the snails and wash them gently in clean water. Return them to the cleaned cage. Leave the snails with water only for two days. Then they are ready to eat.