The School House

One room school house

The weather is warm and sunny but not too hot, about 60 to 65 during the day.  After a year of renovation, we have finished converting the Elfhouse to a school house.  I’m starting classes in it today.  My first student will be here at 7:30.  We are giving up the office on the town square.  It is a nice location but trying to find parking in the center of town has become quite difficult and the walk up two flights of stars is traumatic for some of my students.  We have ordered gravel for the drive and made two parking places for student’s cars.  The students will be able to park next to the building and walk just a few steps to the door.  My son helped me cut some limbs out of a tree that was hanging too low over the parking area.  My husband repaired the sidewalk today.  The water from the flood had washed the stones away under the front gate.  We have cut the lawn and picked up odds and ends.  The place looks pretty nice.  

This project completed we are moving on to the next.  We started putting a new heating system in the main house this week.  We are installing central electric heating with a thermostat.  Hopefully we will be warm this winter.  We are now pressed to remove the old gas heaters and install the new ones before it get cold.  There is always something that is pushing us.  I still haven’t finished painting the barn.classroom