Hot weather is here.

photo by Marco Robol

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Photo by Marco Robol

4 June 2011 It’s hot today. The hottest day we have had this year. I’m here at the computer because it is too hot to work outside. I came looking for shade. Clouds are building on the horizon. Perhaps a rain will arrive and cool things down. I can hear the far off rumble of thunder. We need a good rain. We haven’t had one in a week. This year has been dry. We are very fortunate to have a well near the garden. It is an old stone well, dug by hand years and years ago. Most of the old village houses have wells in their garden. The wells once supplied water for the household, but today we have city water. The wells are only used for the garden.

It is hard to believe it is June. We are mid-way through our warm season. My husband has been working in the garden while I continue to teach in school. This year is passing by so quickly. I feel overwhelmed. I don’t have time nor energy to do everything that needs to be done. My flowerbeds are out of control. There are weeds everywhere. The idea of digging everything up and starting over again has crossed my mind but where do I get the time.

I hoed weeds in the vegetable garden all morning. I realized that I am going to have to help my husband with the gardening. It is too much for him to do alone. I haven’t been towing my share.

The elder flowers are in full bloom. I gathered a basket of blossoms on Wednesday to make elder flowers syrup. I put the flowers in five liter jars, 20 clusters in each jar, then filled the jar with boiling water, 1 kilo of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of citric acid. I closed the jars and set them in my window where they will stay for 7 days. Then I will strain the syrup and bottle it for summer drinks.

Elderflower syrup